I walk.

I know, it’s a weird title, but it’s true.  I walk.  I walk not for transportation, not for actually going anywhere, but for exercise, for entertainment, for reflection, for musing, for helping control my T2 diabetes.  I walk and I walk and I walk.  Last summer and fall, I walked an average of 6-7 miles a day.   This winter about 3 miles a day. I walk while on vacation, I walk while on business trips, I walk in the rain, I walk in the wind; the only time I don’t walk is in the dark.

Walking has brought my diabetes under control.  I was diagnosed 10 years ago, and walking has brought my blood sugar down to nearly non-diabetic levels.  I am off all diabetic medicines except for metformin.  Diabetes is considered a progressive disease; I refuse to believe that. With proper exercise and food choices, diabetes can be kept under control.

This blog is my journey; my walking progress, my meals, my musings, my successes and failures, my excitement and my heartbreak.  Follow along with me on this journey, and along the way I hope to inspire you to make changes to live a healthier and better you.



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Single, empty nester, living healthy, beating T2 diabetes!

4 thoughts on “I walk.”

  1. Keep going my beautiful friend,you have been an inspiration to me to keep walking also,Me and you are so much alike both With no thyroid function and Type 2 diabetes.It can be a struggle but it’s not impossible so proud of you, you got this♥️


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