January 30, 2019


This morning, of course, I had cottage cheese for breakfast and string cheese for my snack.

For lunch I had 3 scrambled eggs with some real bacon bits tossed in.

For dinner tonight I had cauliflower fried “rice”. OMG! This was the first time I’ve made it, and OMG it was delicious! Also so very easy to cook! I started by heating some avocado oil in a pan and tossing in a boneless, skinless chicken thigh. I cooked that up, and pulled it out of the pan. I put in some garlic and some frozen broccoli florets in the pan and started heating them up. Then I put the cauliflower “rice” in. To make it easier, I had frozen, organic, already “riced” cauliflower from Costco. Much easier than ricing it myself, and lasts longer, too! Let it cook for several minutes, stirred it around, and cook a few minutes more. I sprinkled some soy sauce in, made a well in the middle of the “rice, and put in 2 whisked eggs. I cut up the chicken and put that in, as well. I cooked and stirred it around until the eggs were cooked, then served. Did I mention that OMG it was good?! This meal is definitely going into my rotation! I don’t think it tasted like cauliflower at all, but I love cauliflower so it doesn’t matter. I would be curious to know how a non-cauliflower eater would like this.


I got both my breaks in today and walked. My first walk was pretty chilly, it was only 36 degrees out, but the sun was shining so it didn’t make it terrible. My second walk was warmer, for sure.

My walk after work was really nice, it was at least 50 degrees and the sun was still out. I live a half mile from a middle school track, so that is my usual “short” route. I walk there, circle the track 4 times, and walk back, so I get about 2 miles in on my after work walk. As soon as it gets warmer and the sun is out until at least 7pm, I will start taking my longer route, which is along streets and footpaths and comes out to about 3.3 miles.

With my 3 walks and some light cleaning around my house, I got in 14,879 steps in today so far.

Blood Sugar Numbers

My morning blood sugar was 116, and pre-dinner was 94.

I have my next A1c in just over 2 weeks. My last one was 5.8. I expect this one to be a bit higher, for a few reasons: 1. I used to be on a second diabetes medication. Since my test results were so good, and I was doing so well with my walking and eating, my dr said it was ok to drop the second drug and just go with metformin alone. 2. That dr appointment coincided with the fall time change, so getting my after work walks in became much more difficult. My plan was to go to the YMCA and walk on the treadmill, but I just never made there. My average walking steps went from 80-90k a week down to 40-50k a week. 3. The holidays. Enough said. With that in mind, my expectation for A1c is no more than 6.5. I REALLY hope I don’t exceed that!

Random thoughts

Anyone that is reading my blog, feel free to follow it also, so you get notifications when I make a new post. And please, feel free to share this with anyone who you think might be interested. I would LOVE to get a lot of people following/reading my blog, as I would love to help inspire people to live healthier lives. Thanks!


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