February 1

Today is actually Feb 2nd, but I went to the Kiss concert last night in Portland and didn’t get a chance to do yesterday’s update.


I had cottage cheese and string cheese in the morning.

On the way to Portland I had a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.  Not the greatest choice, but my normal Wendy’s salad is difficult to eat in the car.

Dinner was prime rib with lobster mashed potatoes.  OMG SO GOOD!  I very rarely eat potatoes anymore, so it was definitely a special treat.  I also had 2 cocktails at dinner, and at the concert I had 2 beers.

I certainly didn’t make the best choices for eating and drinking yesterday, but I admit it when I do, and I believe in the long run a few bad choices isn’t going to be a terrible thing.  And I definitely do not let it derail me from eating healthy the majority of the time.


I got my morning walk in, but that was the only planned walk.  That being said, I still managed to get 10,608 steps in for the day.

Blood sugar numbers

I only tested my blood once yesterday, and that was in the morning.  It was 116.

Random thoughts

As I alluded to above, having one bad meal, or one bad day, does not mean you are weak, or that you failed and might as well give up.  OH HELL NO!  It just means you are human, and you are entitled to have something you enjoy, even if it’s isn’t the best choice, on occasion.  Every day is a new day, a new chance to make better choices.  Do not let it derail you into making bad choices an everyday thing.  I know, I’ve been there… I’ve done well for so long, and then get derailed, and think well, I just failed, I might as well give up.  Well, no… don’t be like that.  My health and my life are way more important than having beer and cocktails every day, or a sandwich from a fast food place.  I just need to remember that it’s a rare thing, and I’m good.

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