The waiting is killing me!

I still just want to hook up my trailer, jump in my truck and GOOO! Way too much to do, though. Right now the plan is to put the house on the market in mid-March. Houses in the area are selling in an average of 21 days now, so with my GO date being May 15, that should work out well.

I have a big, giant dumpster sitting in my driveway right now. Every evening after work I go out and start dumping stuff in it. I’ve been working in my garage the past few days, tossing practically everything. My son is coming over on Saturday to help, and hopefully we’ll get the garage finished up, and the garage and house attics emptied out.

It’s amazing to me, going through my garage, at the things I’m throwing away. Things I’ve never used, they were just… there. Why do I have them? They have been taking up space for the 12 years I’ve lived here, and probably in the 4 years I lived at my last house, and the 10 years in the house before that. Mostly junk my ex husband picked up at garage sales, or people gave him, thinking he’d find a use for them eventually. Well he never did, we divorced, and now I’m stuck dealing with it all. It’s all so frustrating.

I have a wishlist going on Amazon right now, of all the things I think I need, or want. It keeps growing, lol! Much of it is for organization, and for when I’m going to be off-grid. I plan to spend most of my winters off grid/boondocking, so a lot of it will certainly come in handy! If you are feeling generous or are so inclined, here it is! . For those of you that follow me that are already fulltime RV’ers, what would you say you really wish you had, or use frequently?

So much to do, so little time

I’m struggling with the fact that I just want to GO! I want to hook up my trailer and drive away. Now that this is a sure thing (unless something terrible happens), I just want to do it! However, I have so much to do first.

I am still working on my house. I have all the big things done that needed to be done, now just a ton of small things. One that isn’t so small: purging. It doesn’t seem to matter how much stuff I’ve gotten rid of in the past couple years, there is still so much more! I know I’m going to have to get a dumpster again, that will take care of a lot, but it’s so difficult to know what to throw away, what to sell, what to give away, what to keep! I am limited to no more than 2000 pounds of stuff in my trailer, that includes food, anything in the holding tanks, all personal and pet belongings, tools, and once you sit and think about it, that’s really not much! Not to mention space, I just won’t have anywhere to PUT a bunch of things! I’m looking into the cost of storage units for the things I just CAN’T part with, and well, judging by the prices, I need to get rid of practically everything!

I’m leaving in exactly 4 months. That seems like a long time, but it is going to go by quickly, I’m sure. I want to get my house on the market by mid March, and that’s only 2 months away. That’s certainly not very long to get the house finished up. Give me strength! Send good vibes my way! And if you are talented at organization and brutal about getting rid of stuff, please come help!

About time!!!

This is it, I am finally ready to divulge my life-changing plans! I am selling my house, and am going to live in my travel trailer. In May, I am going to quit my job and haul my trailer to Yellowstone where I will work as a bartender for the summer. That is what I planned to do last summer, but Covid and a relationship prevented that from happening. I am hoping I can get vaccinated before May, and well, my relationship ended, so there is NOTHING stopping me from doing this. When my Yellowstone job is over, I will head down towards Arizona and live on BLM land for free or next to free for the winter. During that time, I will research where I want to go after that. The idea of the freedom this provides is amazing. I am SO looking forward to this!

Long time…

It’s been so long since I’ve updated. I’m still here, I’m still staying home. I’ve been working from home since March. The plans I’d made to radically change my life over the summer did not materialize, due to the virus. I’m looking at trying to do it this summer, but who knows what will happen between now and then. I’ll also make an attempt to update more often. I know I don’t have many followers here, but hoping the few I do have, actually have an interest from hearing from me.

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and hope it brings health, happiness and prosperity to all.