Getting closer

Four days to go. That’s it, just 4. Four days to completely empty my house, get what I’m going to keep into storage, load up my critters and go.

To say I’m a little stressed is an understatement! I am trying to empty a house of 27 years of accumulated stuff. I haven’t been in this house that long, but that’s how long I’ve lived as an adult outside of the house I grew up in. I am very limited as to how much I can take in my trailer, I have a 10×10 storage unit that looks like will be filled, I had a yard sale last week, I’ve donated a bunch, and for the rest, I have a giant dumpster in front of my house.

I bought my current house over 12 years ago. This is the longest I’ve lived in one place since I left my childhood home. This house was the launching point for my children as they grew up and moved out on their own. I bought it as a married woman, and I’m selling it as a single woman. Countless pets have lived here, including many foster kitties. Two of my beloved cats are buried in the yard, that I will be leaving behind. I will miss it, but I won’t miss the upkeep, the work, the constant updating and remodeling, the mortgage payments, the utility bills, the traffic on my street. I will definitely miss my wonderful neighbors, who often called for me over the fence and offered me homemade tamales, traditional mexican soup, freshly picked tomatoes or berries. A lot of memories here, both good and bad.

My house

But the memories I will be making… how can that even compare? The sites I will see, the animals that will walk through my campsite (yes, even bears), I just can’t wait. I will be there in 8 days.

Pic taken by me July 2020, near Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone. Approx 6:30am, with fog slowly burning off.

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