Stay on target…

I have about 44-46 hours before I leave. Trying to get a lot of stuff done in a little amount of time. I have my bedroom mostly cleaned out, finally. Making at least one more trip to the storage place tonight, then 1 or 2 trips tomorrow. Of course the rain came back today, the weather has been amazing the past couple weeks, and right when I’m trying to make the last push, it starts raining. Ugh! Going to bring my Comcast equipment to the Comcast store tonight and cancel all my accounts. No more internet and cable tv. That is going to be pretty weird.

Tomorrow will be a crazy busy day! I have a friend coming over in the late morning to help me finish up some things I need help on, then Trav is coming over to move the car that belongs to him out of my backyard. Then a bit later, the man who still (and probably always will) holds my heart is going to come for a final goodbye. That’s going to be a tough one! In between all that, I have to get my bed bagged up and brought to the storage unit, along with a couple other things. I am hoping to have most everything done by tomorrow evening, so that when Monday rolls around, all I have to do is some light cleaning of the house, pack up the animals, and drive away. I plan to leave around noon or so.

I am so ready to be done. Done with cleaning, packing, moving, remodeling, everything that has made my life so busy the past couple years. I am so ready to have little to no responsibilities other than myself, my pets, and my new non-stressful job. A couple more days…


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