February 1

Today is actually Feb 2nd, but I went to the Kiss concert last night in Portland and didn’t get a chance to do yesterday’s update.


I had cottage cheese and string cheese in the morning.

On the way to Portland I had a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.  Not the greatest choice, but my normal Wendy’s salad is difficult to eat in the car.

Dinner was prime rib with lobster mashed potatoes.  OMG SO GOOD!  I very rarely eat potatoes anymore, so it was definitely a special treat.  I also had 2 cocktails at dinner, and at the concert I had 2 beers.

I certainly didn’t make the best choices for eating and drinking yesterday, but I admit it when I do, and I believe in the long run a few bad choices isn’t going to be a terrible thing.  And I definitely do not let it derail me from eating healthy the majority of the time.


I got my morning walk in, but that was the only planned walk.  That being said, I still managed to get 10,608 steps in for the day.

Blood sugar numbers

I only tested my blood once yesterday, and that was in the morning.  It was 116.

Random thoughts

As I alluded to above, having one bad meal, or one bad day, does not mean you are weak, or that you failed and might as well give up.  OH HELL NO!  It just means you are human, and you are entitled to have something you enjoy, even if it’s isn’t the best choice, on occasion.  Every day is a new day, a new chance to make better choices.  Do not let it derail you into making bad choices an everyday thing.  I know, I’ve been there… I’ve done well for so long, and then get derailed, and think well, I just failed, I might as well give up.  Well, no… don’t be like that.  My health and my life are way more important than having beer and cocktails every day, or a sandwich from a fast food place.  I just need to remember that it’s a rare thing, and I’m good.

January 31, 2019

I made a post last night, the 31st.  I went to look at it later, and it was gone.  Not sure what happened to it, but I am now going to recreate it as best i can.


I had my standard cottage cheese and string cheese in the morning.  For full transparency, I will admit I also had some peanut M&Ms.  Let me explain:  I work for a food manufacturer, and every few weeks we have taste tests.  As a thank you for doing the taste testing and giving our feedback, they give us a little “treat”, usually candy.  Normally I pass them by, but not today.  Why couldn’t I pass them by today?  Well, today’s taste testing consisted of Indian/curry type foods.  Anyone who knows me knows I STRONGLY dislike Indian/curry food.  But I thought I would try it anyway.  Ugh YUCK!  I needed something to take that nasty taste out of my mouth, hence, the M&Ms.

Lunch was scrambled eggs with real bacon bits.

Dinner was 2 boneless, skinless chicken thighs pan fried in avocado oil, and some green beans.  Simple, yet delicious.


I almost didn’t take my first break this morning.  I had a lot going on, and it was super foggy out.  I don’t like to walk in the fog, dangerous and cold!  But I needed to get out and get some fresh air, so I walked.  The afternoon walk was much nicer, sunny and upper 40s.

I didn’t get my after work walk in. Thursdays are workout days with my personal trainer, so walking doesn’t happen.  However, I still managed to get 11,116 steps in for the day.

Blood Sugar Numbers

My morning blood sugar was 112.  I would love to see it in the 80s or 90s again like it used to be.  But that was when I was on 2 diabetes medications, so this should be expected when dropping a drug.  But I would still like to see it…

My 2 hour after-dinner (postprandial, I think it’s called) number was 109.   The American Diabetes Association defines normal postprandial glucose to be below 140 2 hours after a meal.  I think 109 is pretty darn good!

Random thoughts

I didn’t have much for random thoughts when I made this original post last night, and well, I still don’t.  So I will leave you with this:  If I can make the commitment, and STICK WITH IT, to live a healthier life, ANYONE can!  Seriously!  You can do this!  You just have to choose to.  You have to choose your health over everything else.  You have to choose YOU.

January 30, 2019


This morning, of course, I had cottage cheese for breakfast and string cheese for my snack.

For lunch I had 3 scrambled eggs with some real bacon bits tossed in.

For dinner tonight I had cauliflower fried “rice”. OMG! This was the first time I’ve made it, and OMG it was delicious! Also so very easy to cook! I started by heating some avocado oil in a pan and tossing in a boneless, skinless chicken thigh. I cooked that up, and pulled it out of the pan. I put in some garlic and some frozen broccoli florets in the pan and started heating them up. Then I put the cauliflower “rice” in. To make it easier, I had frozen, organic, already “riced” cauliflower from Costco. Much easier than ricing it myself, and lasts longer, too! Let it cook for several minutes, stirred it around, and cook a few minutes more. I sprinkled some soy sauce in, made a well in the middle of the “rice, and put in 2 whisked eggs. I cut up the chicken and put that in, as well. I cooked and stirred it around until the eggs were cooked, then served. Did I mention that OMG it was good?! This meal is definitely going into my rotation! I don’t think it tasted like cauliflower at all, but I love cauliflower so it doesn’t matter. I would be curious to know how a non-cauliflower eater would like this.


I got both my breaks in today and walked. My first walk was pretty chilly, it was only 36 degrees out, but the sun was shining so it didn’t make it terrible. My second walk was warmer, for sure.

My walk after work was really nice, it was at least 50 degrees and the sun was still out. I live a half mile from a middle school track, so that is my usual “short” route. I walk there, circle the track 4 times, and walk back, so I get about 2 miles in on my after work walk. As soon as it gets warmer and the sun is out until at least 7pm, I will start taking my longer route, which is along streets and footpaths and comes out to about 3.3 miles.

With my 3 walks and some light cleaning around my house, I got in 14,879 steps in today so far.

Blood Sugar Numbers

My morning blood sugar was 116, and pre-dinner was 94.

I have my next A1c in just over 2 weeks. My last one was 5.8. I expect this one to be a bit higher, for a few reasons: 1. I used to be on a second diabetes medication. Since my test results were so good, and I was doing so well with my walking and eating, my dr said it was ok to drop the second drug and just go with metformin alone. 2. That dr appointment coincided with the fall time change, so getting my after work walks in became much more difficult. My plan was to go to the YMCA and walk on the treadmill, but I just never made there. My average walking steps went from 80-90k a week down to 40-50k a week. 3. The holidays. Enough said. With that in mind, my expectation for A1c is no more than 6.5. I REALLY hope I don’t exceed that!

Random thoughts

Anyone that is reading my blog, feel free to follow it also, so you get notifications when I make a new post. And please, feel free to share this with anyone who you think might be interested. I would LOVE to get a lot of people following/reading my blog, as I would love to help inspire people to live healthier lives. Thanks!

January 29, 2019

Here’s to Day 2 of my blog!


As usual, I had cottage cheese for breakfast, and 2 pieces of string cheese for my mid-morning snack.

For lunch I had the rest of the container of tortilla soup, somewhere between a half and 2/3.  Probably more than I should have eaten, but well, I ate it.

Dinner was 2 mangled pieces of Atlantic cod.  The pan I fried them in really sucks so they stuck pretty badly to the bottom.  I also made up some frozen stir-fry veggie blend.  It was a mix of beans, broccoli, carrots, red peppers, mushrooms, watercress and a few other things.  Yum, pretty darn good!


Again, I made it out walking for both of my breaks today.  The sun was shining brightly and there was quite a nip in the air, but it was beautiful.  My after work walk was even nicer, the temp was up to 52 and the sun was still out in force.

Between my 3 walks and doing some cleaning around the house, I managed 16,620 steps so far today.

Today’s Blood Sugar Numbers

My morning blood sugar was 114, and pre-dinner was 87.  I don’t always test before dinner, I just happened to think about it at that time both yesterday and today.  If I think about it again tonight, I will test before I go to bed, which will be about 2ish hours after dinner.

Random Thoughts

I’ve been reading a book called The Obesity Code, by Dr. Jason Fung.  It is a life changing book.  If you are overweight, and/or diabetic, or love someone who is overweight and/or diabetic, I STRONGLY recommend that you read it.  I haven’t finished it yet, am about halfway through, but omg it completely changed and challenged everything I’ve ever learned about obesity, weight loss, and diabetes.  I don’t agree with EVERYTHING he writes, but enough of it so that it totally blew my mind.  Get it and read it!

January 28, 2019

I will TRY to update this blog every evening, we’ll see how I do, lol!  Whatever numbers I post will be as of the time of the update, not necessarily as of the time I go to bed.


I always have the same thing for breakfast: about a cup of cottage cheese.  I don’t measure, and some days it might be a bit more, other days it might be a bit less. If I ever had to go on a diet where i have to measure my food, or count my calories, it will fail almost instantly.  Not gonna happen.

I also have the same thing every day for my mid-morning snack: 2 pieces of string cheese.  I buy it at Costco, and a package is super cheap.  Also, nearly no carbs.  Being diabetic, I am very aware of the carbs I put into my body, and try to keep them as low as I can.

Lunch varies by day.  Today, I had 1/3 of a container (a full bowl) of tortilla soup from Costco.  I don’t add anything to it; no chips, no sour cream, no cheese.  Just straight from the container.

Dinner tonight was 2 boneless skinless chicken thighs, marinated in avocado oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and rosemary, prepared in a cast iron pan.  I also had roasted Brussels sprouts, A LOT of roasted Brussels sprouts, because I LOVE roasted Brussels sprouts.  I especially love the little leaves that fall off and get super extra crispy.  YUM!  They were tossed in avocado oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder.  They are super easy to make and oh so delicious!


I managed to get both my breaks today at work, and I got out and walked both times.  I work in IT, and sometimes breaks just don’t happen.  We can’t always schedule our network outages and other computer emergencies.

I also got out after work today for a longer walk.  The weather was decent; partly sunny and about 50 degrees.  There was still a nip in the air, but I was dressed properly, so it wasn’t bad at all.

As of right now I am at 15,178 steps for the day.  It’s almost time to go chill in front of the tv for a bit before bed, so unlikely I will get any significant amount more steps in today.

Today’s blood sugar numbers

I test my blood sugar pretty much every morning.  I make an attempt to test it once or twice more throughout the day.

Morning blood sugar was 125.  Pre-dinner was 101.  Not terrible numbers.

Random thoughts

I did a workout my personal trainer gave me to do.  I see her (usually) once a week, on Thursdays.  With all the holidays and everything else going on lately, I haven’t managed to see her every week.  Because of that, we’ve eased up a bit on the workouts so I can work back into the more difficult ones, and push beyond that.  Building strength is great for weight loss, and it certainly helps with blood sugar control!



So, I’m fat.  I’ve always been considered fat.  I look back at pics of myself growing up, and I don’t look fat.  But everyone in my life was always saying I was fat.  I was the fat kid at school, made fun of often, chosen last in gym class.  I was the fat kid at home, told daily by my parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins.  “You’re fat, you need to lose weight.” I heard that so often!  One time a classmate, looking straight at me, said “why do all fat people smell?”   It sucked.  It was hurtful.  And it did NOTHING to help my self-esteem.

Me at 4
Me at 9
Me at 12, I’m on the right
Me at 16

I tried diets and exercise, and of course nothing lasted more than a day or two. I didn’t know anything about food or nutrition. My mom didn’t cook, and pretty much the only food we had in the house came out of a box. Easy for kids to make, not very good for you. It took many years of having my own household before I learned how to cook healthy and nutritious foods.

But, as I said, looking back, I wasn’t fat. Maybe a little fluffy, but not fat. I didn’t actually become fat until after my second child was born, nearly 22 years ago. That’s when my thyroid decided it no longer wanted to function properly. That’s when I became fat. I gained 60 pounds in just a couple months! I was most definitely fat. I kept a lot of that weight on until exactly 10 years ago, when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

After being diagnosed with T2 Diabetes, I worked really hard and lost 55 pounds. I was back down to my high school weight! I was able to keep it off for about a year or so, but then I decided to quit smoking. I started putting some weight back on. I was exercising pretty hard to counteract the weight gain, and then I blew out a disk in my back. That was it. I gained all the weight back, plus some.

And here we are today. I walk. I have been walking nearly every day for 48 weeks now. I’ve lost 20ish pounds (on top of 15ish pounds a couple years back, with the help of a T2 drug my dr put me on). I’m still about 30 pounds heavier than my high school weight. This is why I’ve started this blog. I still need to work hard to get rid of these last 30 pounds. I am writing for accountability, for inspiration for myself and anyone that chooses to read this, and to track what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished, and what I still need to do.

I hope you all enjoy my journey, and I hope to be an inspiration to others along the way.

Me, recently


I walk.

I know, it’s a weird title, but it’s true.  I walk.  I walk not for transportation, not for actually going anywhere, but for exercise, for entertainment, for reflection, for musing, for helping control my T2 diabetes.  I walk and I walk and I walk.  Last summer and fall, I walked an average of 6-7 miles a day.   This winter about 3 miles a day. I walk while on vacation, I walk while on business trips, I walk in the rain, I walk in the wind; the only time I don’t walk is in the dark.

Walking has brought my diabetes under control.  I was diagnosed 10 years ago, and walking has brought my blood sugar down to nearly non-diabetic levels.  I am off all diabetic medicines except for metformin.  Diabetes is considered a progressive disease; I refuse to believe that. With proper exercise and food choices, diabetes can be kept under control.

This blog is my journey; my walking progress, my meals, my musings, my successes and failures, my excitement and my heartbreak.  Follow along with me on this journey, and along the way I hope to inspire you to make changes to live a healthier and better you.